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Neon Orange…in Powder Form

Remember when you begged mom to make Mac n’ Cheese? The good ol’ one that came from a slim box with a little packet of orange stuff in it? The stuff that was bright enough to be labeled radioactive? I bet you made that in college. Maybe you make it for your kids now? I made some for my little brother and sister today. Except I used skim milk, a plug of olive oil, and added broccoli. Hardly the stuff remembered from childhood. That was lunch. But that’s not what is important in this post today. Today’s post is about paella. Have you ever had it? The good Spanish rice with the seafood and the saffron?

The stuff is good. Fresh and fragrant and niced spiced.

At least the real stuff. Not the neon orange stuff. As displayed here. Okay, here’s the story. I lived in Spain for a couple of years when I was very little, VERY little. I must have eaten the stuff when I was there, but honest to goodness, I just can’t remember. And when Dad and I went back a couple of years ago, to visit, we drank lots of excellent cafe con leche, or coffee with milk. Simply divine. We had little cups of it whenever we had an opportunity, which was plenty, since there is a cafe-bar at every corner, and in between. Anyways, coffee is another story. We also hunted for paella. Sadly, though, we didn’t have that much time there so we never got to have the paella we craved. BUT, while shopping at a supermarket in Granada, I came upon the spice shelf, and there’s a little glass bottle of something intriguing. Paella spice. Never mind that it was orange, never mind that it had instructions in Spanish, which I could never read. I brought it home.

And finally made some Spanish rice.

Which was orange. And our tongues and any parts of our anatomy that touched the stuff? Yup, you got it.

I think this chalks up to being another lesson learned. Next time I go to Spain, I’m going to get a bottle of saffron, not a bottle of radioactive powder.

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