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What is kataifi?

Good question, before I saw it, I didn’t know what it was either. I got this Middle Eastern pastry at the Arlington Bakery, practically right across the street from the Quebrada Baking Co. The word kataifi apparently describes the shredded phyllo dough around the filling of the pastry and gives rise to the name of the pastry itself.

The pastry reminds me of a bird’s nest, the way it is all wrapped up around the sweetness in the middle. And is it ever sweet! The shredded phyllo is drenched in honey. I was overwhelmed. But the texture of the pastry was so delicate, like unwrapping a present, and unearthing the chopped walnuts in the middle. Its taste was reminiscent of baklava.

Doesn’t this look like some dark forbidden cave? Some monster is going to jump out at you any second now.

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Quebrada Baking Co.

There is a local bakery not too far away from where I live. Just by looking at the outside you’d have thought it was some kind of toy store, at least that’s what I first thought, until I saw the “baking” part of their sign outside. So while taking a walk the other day, I stopped by and picked up a couple of mini cupcakes to sample. I know, totally offset any health benefits of that walk, but that’s okay. All in the name of baked goods.

Now, having explained that I’m not a huge cake person, it is probably fair to warn you that I’m even less of a cupcake person. Don’t get me wrong. I like making them. For other people. And I like looking at them. They are just so gosh darn cute. But sometimes you get an obscene proportion of frosting to cake, maybe even more frosting than cake. That’s probably why I usually steer away from cupcakes.

I got their mini mocha cupcake and mini carrot cupcake. Both cute. Both pretty good, as far as cupcakes go, in my non-cupcake-fan opinion. I especially liked the frosting on the mocha one and the cake in the carrot one.

I think the frosting on the chocolate cupcake is mocha Swiss buttercream, it has the velvety smooth texture and was not too sweet. The coffee flavour cuts into the sweetness and of course I love all things coffee. The chocolate cake part is an ordinary devil’s food cake, nothing exciting. I think it could use a bigger chocolate punch.

The carrot cake frosting is the standard cream cheese frosting, tart and perhaps a tad too sweet. Nothing to write home about. Now the carrot cake itself is something else entirely. It is incredibly, unbelievably moist, with visible streaks of carrot and chunks of walnuts. Lovely texture balance. The cake is also very dense, which is how I like my carrot cake. It is slightly spicy and perfectly sweetened. If only I could convince them to make the cake part bigger and omit the frosting for me. 😀

If you happen to live around the Arlington MA area. The address for Quebrada Baking Co. is:

208 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474

They’re supposedly good for croissants too, so I guess I’ll have to sample those next. Although I do go to school in Montreal, and there are some terrific bakeries up there boasting some down-right delicious croissants so the Quebrada ones will have some tough competition.

Will get back to you one that! 🙂

Look at the poor things commiserating with each other. They look happily married though.

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