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Let’s see.

Hi Mr. Kazu, I was wondering how you manage such a flaming hot business? How do you get customers lining up outside your door in subzero weather, waiting up to 2 hours to get a table?

What inspired the dishes you choose to cook?

What do you do to the dishes that makes them so…speechlessly good? Mind-numbingly yummy? Oh so special?


And since we’re getting along so well…

Mr. Kazu, can you tell me what you put into your marinades? Especially the Chilean seabass?


Oh, that’s ok then, I understand. 😦 I guess I’ll just have to go back to your restaurant some time to have it again.

1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O
Montreal, QC H3H
(514) 937-2333

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Chocolate Coma

You know how alcohol is a depressant? Like how if you drink too much you can’t tell right from left and up from down and you might trip and wake up on the floor beside your bed? Not that i did that…but I could, because alcohol will depress my brain and make it dumb.

But I never knew chocolate could do that.

That’s where I get confused. Doesn’t chocolate contain caffeine. Isn’t caffeine a stimulant?

So why didn’t I get high off of chocolate instead?

I have no clue.

But I know being chocolate-ed to a stupor is a terrific idea on one’s birthday.

Definitely beats waking up on the floor.

Now I know the next time I want to engage in a self-prescribed coma, Juliette et Chocolat is the way to go. Hot chocolate so thick you eat it with a spoon? Crazy…

Juliette et Chocolat (1 of 3 locations)

3600 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
(438) 380-1090

Juliette Et Chocolat on Urbanspoon

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Brunch at Bistro Fruit Folie

Last year we stumbled upon a neat little place on rue St. Denis in Montreal. We had awesome burgers at very reasonable prices with a waitress with the biggest smile we’ve ever seen. Apparently the smiles weren’t just a one-time thing. Last week I went there with Ian after church for brunch and our waitress had more 100-watt smiles waiting for us.

Excellent, excellent service.

And of course, excellent, excellent food.

I ordered the crepes with three flours, one of which I suspect is buckwheat. It was supposed to come with fruit, but I had no idea that it was going to come with so much fruit! And nicely cut fruit too! The crepes were rolled around breakfast sausages and topped with a bit of swiss cheese. I had to feed Ian half my fruit to be able to finish it all.

That was all for like, six bucks. Tell me, where in Montreal can you find an awesome breakfast like that in Montreal?

I got the orange pekoe and made my own Asian milk tea. That gave me a big smile, which I returned to the waitress, who came by no less than three times to see if we were okay.

If you get a chance, go eat breakfast/lunch/brunch at the Bistro Fruit Folie at 3817 rue St. Denis in Montreal.

I just love brunch! 😀

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Restaurant Review: La Cabane Grecque

I’m finally back on campus at MacDonald. Mac is one of two McGill campuses, and the one that no one knows about. It’s super small and shares its space with a college preparatory school here in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. The town’s name is so long that sometimes I have trouble typing and writing the entire name on forms! I’m very glad to be back and even looking forward to the up coming classes.

So yesterday, as a back-to-school-I-haven’t-seen-you-since-April get-together, a few friends and I went to downtown Montreal to have dinner. La Cabane Grecque is located on Prince Arthur, corner street to La Coloniale, in a very popular location in Montreal.

This time of the year, the streets are closed to autos and restaurants offer outdoor seating with various entertainment on the streets, from music to juggling to skateboarding. The maitre d’s from each restaurant come outside to lure the passerby. It’s quite something.

As for the restaurant, in short, the food was mediocre but the service was great. I had the steak a la Cabane Grecque, which was aged tenderloin strips with steamed veggies, homestyle potato, rice, and chef’s salad. The chef’s salad is actually a garden salad and was heavy on the oil. It was surprisingly filling, both two girls I was with were getting full after the salad. But that might have been because of the bread. They serve very good whole wheat bread with a very creamy butter. I would’ve been happy just with the bread basket.

I asked for the steak to be cooked to medium rare and it turned out to be almost medium well and in some areas, well done. The sides were nothing special. And this bugged me: the food tasted strongly of butter. I love butter, but I went there for Greek food. It didn’t seem authentic. But like I said, the service was excellent. The waitress we had was friendly and helpful and attentive. Our water glasses were refilled continuously and she came to check on us several times. Next time I want Greek food though, I would like to get Greek food.

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Quebrada Baking Co.

There is a local bakery not too far away from where I live. Just by looking at the outside you’d have thought it was some kind of toy store, at least that’s what I first thought, until I saw the “baking” part of their sign outside. So while taking a walk the other day, I stopped by and picked up a couple of mini cupcakes to sample. I know, totally offset any health benefits of that walk, but that’s okay. All in the name of baked goods.

Now, having explained that I’m not a huge cake person, it is probably fair to warn you that I’m even less of a cupcake person. Don’t get me wrong. I like making them. For other people. And I like looking at them. They are just so gosh darn cute. But sometimes you get an obscene proportion of frosting to cake, maybe even more frosting than cake. That’s probably why I usually steer away from cupcakes.

I got their mini mocha cupcake and mini carrot cupcake. Both cute. Both pretty good, as far as cupcakes go, in my non-cupcake-fan opinion. I especially liked the frosting on the mocha one and the cake in the carrot one.

I think the frosting on the chocolate cupcake is mocha Swiss buttercream, it has the velvety smooth texture and was not too sweet. The coffee flavour cuts into the sweetness and of course I love all things coffee. The chocolate cake part is an ordinary devil’s food cake, nothing exciting. I think it could use a bigger chocolate punch.

The carrot cake frosting is the standard cream cheese frosting, tart and perhaps a tad too sweet. Nothing to write home about. Now the carrot cake itself is something else entirely. It is incredibly, unbelievably moist, with visible streaks of carrot and chunks of walnuts. Lovely texture balance. The cake is also very dense, which is how I like my carrot cake. It is slightly spicy and perfectly sweetened. If only I could convince them to make the cake part bigger and omit the frosting for me. 😀

If you happen to live around the Arlington MA area. The address for Quebrada Baking Co. is:

208 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474

They’re supposedly good for croissants too, so I guess I’ll have to sample those next. Although I do go to school in Montreal, and there are some terrific bakeries up there boasting some down-right delicious croissants so the Quebrada ones will have some tough competition.

Will get back to you one that! 🙂

Look at the poor things commiserating with each other. They look happily married though.

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