NYC Eats

They say your olfactory memory rules over much else going on in your brain.

So smart! (and so true)

It’s so comforting to know that my childhood foods are only half a day’s travel away. (but so worth it!)

Look on.

Hand-pulled noodles with braised beef. (Niu Rou La Mian) You should see you guy with the enormous forearms pulling that dough. Mesmerizing.

Grilled Squid. (Tie Ban You Yu) The tentacles say it all.

Uh…how do you translate this one? It’s wide strips of rice noodles tossed with cucumber, bean sprouts and tofu curds in a mind bending, sense numbing chili dressing. (Liang pi)

Bubble tea – yes, I am aware that you can barely see the bubbles on the bottom – just have to trust me. (Zhen Zhou Nai Cha)

Pistachio donut. Right, not a childhood food but still pretty darn good!

Macarons! Rows and rows of them! Definitely not a childhood food. And it drives me nuts when everyone in the store referred to them as macarOOns – that’s something completely different. These 2 are lemon strawberry and passionfruit raspberry. The combined price of these 2 babies are equal to that steaming bowl of noodles up the page. That’s it, I’m learning to make my own.

And I apologize for not taking pictures of the rest of the food I ate – a staggering amount – just too lazy (and hungry). You can’t be mad at me – I know how much you like polar bears. 😀


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2 responses to “NYC Eats

  1. ivie

    i swear to make my own macarons by the end of this summer!!
    i ve been looking at the recipes already. they seem pretty scary tho… 😦

  2. Everything looks so good. Not sure about the squid, but kinda looks good.

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