Let’s see.

Hi Mr. Kazu, I was wondering how you manage such a flaming hot business? How do you get customers lining up outside your door in subzero weather, waiting up to 2 hours to get a table?

What inspired the dishes you choose to cook?

What do you do to the dishes that makes them so…speechlessly good? Mind-numbingly yummy? Oh so special?


And since we’re getting along so well…

Mr. Kazu, can you tell me what you put into your marinades? Especially the Chilean seabass?


Oh, that’s ok then, I understand. 😦 I guess I’ll just have to go back to your restaurant some time to have it again.

1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O
Montreal, QC H3H
(514) 937-2333

Kazu on Urbanspoon

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