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This is one of my favourite cookbooks, of all the ones I own. I think I was first drawn in by the most breathtaking photo of a cheesecake I’d ever seen. It looked moist and soft and creamy and luscious and sinful. It was an Oreo cheesecake, but the author, Marcy Goldman explained that it was renamed because the company mailed her, asking her to stop using the name because of copyright issues. She did, and pointed out that it was out there in print from countless sources in countless recipes. She had a point.

The book includes many little stories like that, related to the recipes. She also offers tidbits of advice and suggestions throughout the book. It’s just so useful.

I’d always been drawn in by her recipe of a pastry called kouign aman, it’s also on my wish list of things to make. She describes that she found it in a little pastry shop in Montreal. This didn’t strike me as anything special until earlier this year when I realized, after sxploring the bakeries in Montreal, where I’d moved to for school, that the bakery that I have come to love was the exact same bakery described in her book! What a wonderful coincidence. Kouign aman is my vice, well, one of them anyways. I encourage you to find some, if you could. After the first taste, there is no turning back.

I understand there is a new edition now with a few new recipes. I would be interested in seeking what new yummy things she has added. Who knows? Since Ms. Goldman is based in Montreal, she might mention another bakery that I frequent. I encourage you to check out her website also.

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