So Nice When Someone Else Cooks…

These days, generally I make lunch and Mom makes dinner. This is what we had for dinner today.

Garlicky Broccoli with Tomatoes. Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables of all time.

Tofu. With green onions and soy sauce. Not sure what else is in it. I just eat. 🙂

One of the easiest ways to make eggs Chinese style. Just add green onions and scramble. It’s very good!

I hope you are having something yummy for dinner as well. I further hope that you’re lucky enough to have someone else cook for you. 😀


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3 responses to “So Nice When Someone Else Cooks…

  1. You are lucky to have your mum cook for you, the dishes sure look yummy! I like your witty blog name, thanks for visiting me =)

  2. I like all these easy delicious homecooked dishes 🙂

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