Wish List

Before I get into the gist of the post, let me just say that it friggin’ HURTS to accidentally squirt jalapeno juice into your eye! Have you ever done that? I honestly hope not. It’s a burning sensation that I would never wish on anyone. It feels like someone doused alcohol into your eye, and if that weren’t enough, then it was set on fire. It felt exactly like that. It stung. It burned. Not fun.

Also, I strongly advise all of you to use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and membranes of these little fireballs. It may burn your skin if you have sensitive skin. AND it doesn’t wash away easily. Meaning that, many hours later, when you inadvertently rub your eye, it STILL BURNS!

But…back to my wish list.

It’s a baking wish list. This is what I would like to make before the summer is up.

  1. croissants
  2. Oreo cake for my brother’s birthday
  3. plum/peach galette
  4. kouign aman (a multi-layered bread-like pastry that has a crispy crunchy sugary crust and has an overwhelming butteriness; this is what I live for; sold in a little bakery in Montreal by the same name.)
  5. mini Boston cream pies
  6. mini banana muffins, if we ever end up with over ripe bananas, which is never…
  7. CCC, Take Two, check out Take One here (it stands for chocolate chip cookies by the way)
  8. best cinnamon buns of 2000
  9. carrot cake!!
  10. biscuits

That’s it. Hopefully I can do it all before the end of August. Wish me luck. 🙂


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