A Day at the Beach

And here’s Carolyn, kindly pointing the way. 🙂

There were sand sculptures on display today. We were lucky to get a glimpse before they are demolished tomorrow.

Oddly erotic, isn’t it?

I forget what this one is. It looks like a fish. The sculptor is from Montreal, Canada!

This one is by far the biggest of the lot.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…

This is one shady figure, and one of my favorites.

This one is so sad…the poor little thing at the front, all alone. 😦

Back of the sculpture.

A celebration of life. This sculptor is also from Montreal!

The back of the sculpture…which my mom called cute =S

My favorite.

This sculptor is from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

An impressive display of strength.

Here they are. We didn’t stick around for the fireworks and the announcement of the winners this evening. But here’s proof that I was there, at least for a while, at the first public beach established in the United States. 😀

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