Tuna Sandwiches for Lunch

My brother was requesting tuna sandwiches. Whining about it really. So I had no choice. Here it is.

The addition of finely chopped celery and sweet Vidalia onions gave the tuna salad texture, and the garlic gave it just enough flavour punch. The lemon juice perks it up. Use freshly ground black pepper, if you can.

Tuna Sandwiches
makes 2 sandwiches

1 can light tuna, in water (I used flaked tuna just because that’s what I had on hand, feel free to use white tuna)
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
3 Tbsp. finely chopped Vidalia onion
1 clove garlic, minced
3 Tbsp. mayonnaise
1/2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
salt to taste
a couple squeezes of lemon juice
Lettuce leaves
4 slices sandwich bread (we like whole wheat)

Chop, mince, drain (make sure you drain the tuna well). Mix all together. Season to taste and add lemon juice. Take into account the salt in the mayonnaise and in the canned fish. Don’t over-salt. Toast the bread (or not) and layer with tuna mixture and lettuce leaves.

Enjoy your lunch! 🙂

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