What is kataifi?

Good question, before I saw it, I didn’t know what it was either. I got this Middle Eastern pastry at the Arlington Bakery, practically right across the street from the Quebrada Baking Co. The word kataifi apparently describes the shredded phyllo dough around the filling of the pastry and gives rise to the name of the pastry itself.

The pastry reminds me of a bird’s nest, the way it is all wrapped up around the sweetness in the middle. And is it ever sweet! The shredded phyllo is drenched in honey. I was overwhelmed. But the texture of the pastry was so delicate, like unwrapping a present, and unearthing the chopped walnuts in the middle. Its taste was reminiscent of baklava.

Doesn’t this look like some dark forbidden cave? Some monster is going to jump out at you any second now.


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