the best bake sale ^ever cookbook

Here’s a very cute cookbook on hosting bake sales. Bake sales have got to be one of my favorite ways to raise money. There’s something very heartwarming about making goodies and seeing others eating your goodies, all for a good cause. It makes the goodies taste that much better and  that much more fun to make.

This book gives pointers on decorating your tables as well as tips on transporting your goodies. It contains all the familiar childhood goodies such as brownies, chocolate cake, oatmeal cookies, banana bread, and more. One thing I found odd was that there is no recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This best loved cookie shows up in virtually all bake sales, so why is it not in this book.

The book could also use a lot more pictures as there are only a handful of glossy pages in the middle of the book. I guess since the recipes are not very complicated there is no huge need to see what the right product looks like. Still, it’s always nice to have some food porn on hand. 🙂

I’ll try a few recipes from here, hopefully soon because we are trying to raise some money for the church youth group. So maybe I’ll be arranging my very own bake sale soon!

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