My high school art teacher was known for her impossibly corny jokes. They went something like this, “What did Baby Corn say to Mama Corn?” At which point I smile and wait for the answer like the good student I was. Am. Here it comes, are you ready?

“Where’s Pop Corn?” Get it?

Very corny. I apologize.

But back to the vegetable at hand. It’s sweet. It’s versatile. Dang it, I want corn bread now. I want this corn in my corn bread. Sure looks like gold doesn’t it? It’s getting to be in season again. And we’re going to buy it by the dozens. We boil it, microwave it, grill it. The little golden ears at their simplest. I don’t even eat it with butter. And I love butter.

Let’s see, what else can you do with it? Make corn bread. Make creamed corn. Make corn fritters. Add it to soup. Add it to salad. Add it to burritos. Add it to your morning cereal. Okay, maybe that’s going overboard.

What do you like to do with your corn?

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