I like zucchini. Probably more than just like, probably love. Yes, I love zucchini. I didn’t always know this. In fact, I realized it recently. How humble, uncomplicated, and delectable this summer squash can be.

I used to make zucchini bread when zucchinis were in season. The loaf ends up being moist, sweet, and not zucchini tasting at all, for those of you who have never had this quick bread. The shredded squash gives the bread moisture and keeps it moist for a couple of days. These days though, with a new year of zucchini harvest, I’ve begun to enjoy them sauteed with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Nothing more. Nothing more is needed. They are fresh, juicy, yields to the bite, but has the slightest crunch at the end. So good. Cut into stick if you want to really have that delicious juicy bite. Or slice it thin and add a little garlic to the saute. Or cut into chunks and grill, the slight char on the edge complements it perfectly. I’ve also used shredded zucchini in Chinese dumplings. When boiled, these little pillows will contain hot fragrant broth inside, thanks to the zucchini. And who doesn’t love dumplings?

Enough of me singing praises for this humble vegetable. Go out and buy some of your own. Enjoy the summer. 🙂

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