Happy Canada Day!!!

Did I mention that I’m a Canadian? I live in Boston right now but I’d like to think that I’m a Canadian at heart…and on my Passport. Of course, here in Boston, you would hardly find parades or fireworks in celebration, those would wait another couple days. I love Canada. I love the fact that there are only 33 million people, last I checked anyways. I love that people are so friendly there. I love their bacon, okay it’s just ham. I like ham. I love their national anthem, it used to put me to sleep Monday mornings while I went to school there, but I do love it. I love that we didn’t lock our doors. I love the feet and feet of snow. I love the coldness, well, better than the heat anyways. I love the way the word “Ca-Na-Da” rolls off your tongue. You can’t do that with “The United States of America” now can you? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July as well. I do live here after all.

But to me, home would always be Canada.

So….in celebration, I decided to make cake. Except I didn’t make it. I cheated, all the way. I’m sorry. I ought to be ashamed of myself…but I’ve been so lazy. I really should do something about it. Maybe as a lesson, my cheating cake turned out hideous. It has tumors and a rash, and part of it melted right off. You can see for yourself how ugly it is.

Next time I’ll do what I’m supposed to do, like a good girl, and make my own cake. No cheating allowed. So you’ll forgive me this once right? I said I was sorry.

This morning, my cursor accidentally rolled over on the little clock that tells you the time, on the bottom right of the screen. It told me that today was July 1st. My mind clicked. I was chatting with my boyfriend online at the time. So I wished him a happy Canada Day, feeling kind of proud. A second later, he tells me “Happy 7th month anniversary!” I was blindsided. Has it really been seven months?! (No, we haven’t hit the one year mark yet, so we’re marking the monthlies…and now you know how long we’ve been dating…hehe) And the fact that I didn’t associate the date with our special date was a bit embarrassing. But I did figure out that it’s Canada Day. What can I tell ya? I love my country.

No don’t worry, I love you too sweetie, happy 7th! 😛

And to the rest of you, happy Canada Day!

Now take a look at my pound cake plus Cool Whip plus strawberries. It endured quite a few hardships. First it started to melt, so I put it in the freezer, where it melted anyways. Then it got bombarded by the ice cream container that my mom put on it, claiming that she didn’t see it. -_- How can you not see an 8 by 5 layered cake in the shape of the Canadian flag?? (before everything succumbed to gravity) I rest my case. Oh wells, it was ugly to begin with. What is ugly to hideous anyways?

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